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The internet has evolved over the last 10+ years. From the beginning until recently, the focus has been centred around web sites that are essentially on line brochures.

Advancements in web technologies like Flash, JavaScript, Video, Audio, Ecommerce and on line database driven web sites have provided tools to create more advanced on line brochures.

Having a quality on line brochure is very important, but today's business web sites need to have business solutions that produce quality results by using professional internet tools. Specific results should include the ability to: measure web advertising effectiveness, offer live support, automate delivery of targeted product and service information to your customers and dynamically generate content that can help your business thrive with the major search engines.

As the technology on the web continues to become more advanced, keeping pace can be challenging. Our services are flexible and can be added to your current web site as add on modules. We also offer complete service packages to handle day to day tasks like email marketing and web site maintenance.

Our internet solutions utilize open source internet technology and are fully scalable.


Administrative Services

Database Manipulation / Development

Managing and/or developing an on line company database is becoming key to progress on the internet. Finding a balance between your printed material and your web site marketing can save you time and money, while increasing your overall business.

Examples of this can be found in better distribution of printed catalogs or brochures. While printed material is going to be around for quite a while yet, we can help you manage product / services information delivery, with the goal of reducing your printing and distribution costs.

We offer full services for the manipulation of database content and can work with you to achieve your internet database goals.

Our Integrated Software Solutions

All of our internet software solutions are designed to to be user friendly. These programs represent cutting edge internet technology that incorporate user controllers and look and operate much like standard desktop PC applications.

With the challenges many businesses face today, companies are looking to focus on sales and "sticking to their core business". We understand this and as a result offer complete service packages for all of our software solutions. We build and maintain it - this service gives you the "high tech" staff without the full time "high tech" wages.

Live Internet Database Benefits

The benefits of a live internet database(s) are plentiful. It allows to to work from anywhere and still have access to your company internet database. Whether your at a trade show, with internet access, and want to add a potential customer to your list - or your at home and want to get some stats on your last email marketing campaign. This technology is becoming a must have for business.

Web Advice 101...  

The internet never sleeps. Technology advances at a very quick rate. When a web site is built it is important that it have its next upgrade in mind. Web sites today can be designed in a modular fashion so you can move forward down the road without having to re-invent the wheel. Your company should be developing its on line database - making sure it is well protected - and continuing to find efficient ways for your web site to communicate with your customers.

Web Advice 101...  

Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) Spam emails and other internet promotions that promise high visitor traffic to your web site for one low fee are a waste of money. Building quality visitor traffic takes time. Experts today argue that it is not necessarily the quantity of the visits, but the quality of the visits that is important. Quality content rules the web.

Web Advice 101...  

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is an important part of your web site. Creative writing, keywords, incoming links, paid click programs and blogs are all proven techniques to get results. Web site construction has a big impact on SEO.

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